"Into the Wind"


We have been clients of Gary Ruppel's for many years, having been fortunate enough to enjoy five dogs (three black labs, two English Pointers) trained by him in our lives.

Gary seems to have an inside track to the dog's mind, knowing just how to bring the pup along to turn it into a well-rounded bird dog. When training the pups/dogs, we've never seen Gary get rough with a dog or raise his voice. The dog are raised and trained with love and patience. They are wonderful, smart animals that will hunt until they drop, then curl up on your lap.

When we travel, there is no one else we will board our dogs with other than Gary. We know they are safe, loved and well cared for. The dogs don't get shoved into a kennel and left to sit there until we return. Gary continues to work with the dogs at every opportunity, maintaining their exceptional hunting skills. The training doesn't stop the minute Gary delivers the dog to you, he takes pride in what he does and truly cares for the dogs.

We cant speak highly enough of Gary Ruppel, his dogs, his training techniques and boarding policies. As hard as it is to lose a dog, it is comforting to know that we are able to get another high quality, loving friend from one of Gary's carefully planned litters. Thank goodness for someone like Gary Ruppel!

Robert and Sherry Cherry


In February of 2011, I received a call from the owner of Quail Run Sports. Jerry told me about a friend of his that had passed away recently, and that his wife was unable to keep their 7 year old pointing Labrador retriever named Pride. Jerry emphasized that Pride was a terrific dog who was bred and trained by legendary gun dog trainer, Gary Ruppel. Gary's name meant nothing to me at the time, but the opportunity to adopt a started bird dog was compelling. Multiple telephone conversations with Gary brought us to Kiowa Creek Kennels in March. Along with my wife and boys, we brought our 9 year old lab, Bo, to see if he and Pride would get along. I was admittedly apprehensive as we introduced the dogs. Gary took control of the situation, watching closely for signs of aggression. Within an hour he had my dog Bo executing behaviors we had never seen before. After about two and a half hours, both dogs were having fun chasing and retrieving bumpers. These positive experiences lead to us hiring Gary to bring Pride into our home to see if the relationship would work on Bo's turf. Gary spent two hours with us running both dogs through specific drills in order to determine their reaction to one another inside our house. He even demonstrated techniques to cure Bo of some bad habits. Ultimately, Gary felt comfortable leaving Pride with the Freedman family.

Gary Ruppel is a great person who's gentle but firm nature manifests in the creation of the perfect dog. He has the unique ability to relate to both the human and the animal. I have told my friends that if they want a gun dog or just need their dog effectively trained, Gary Ruppel is the only choice.

Ross Freedman

"Pasture Flush"

I met Gary Ruppel several years ago after reading about his gentle training methods in the sports page of a Denver newspaper. Since then I have seen, hunted with, and owned generations of his dogs. Gary has trained and helped me train all of the dogs I have owned.

Through the years I have come to know Gary's careful, thoughtful breeding program and have become a better dog owner/trainer/hunter under his tutelage. Gary has always been available to answer questions, to take me out in the field with him, and to take care of my dogs when needed. He has acreage, ponds for water training, birds in the field, and, perhaps most importantly, sparkling clean and well-cared for facilities. I have hunted with many other dogs, and my dogs (Gary's dogs) have always been the best in the field. Their stamina, noses, retrieving in the field or in the water have been all I could ask for and then some. Yet, at home, they are docile, love our children, and are part of our family.

Gary has become a good friend, and I would not go anywhere else for questions, dogs, or anything dog or hunt related. He has shared my pride in my dogs, and he has cried and commiserated with me with the passing of past dogs. He has even given me a new life's philosophy in the form of a bumper sticker - "Lord Help Me Be the Man My Dogs Think I Am." I am happy to have known him these many years and am proud to have been acquainted with so many of his dogs.

Dennis Victor

I met Gary in 1992, through two of my sons, who were working with him. They told me about his magic with the dogs, and that he should train my new lab pup. An appointment was made for September 1st for four weeks of training. On September 1st Gary was booked up and could not take her until October 1st. He told me to work on her obedience and retrieving for the month. A month later only gave Gary three weeks to train my pup before pheasant season. Although what I wanted in a bird dog was 180 degrees from Gary's philosophy, he provided me with exactly what I wanted in a bird dog.

Over the next few years I developed a friendship with Gary and finally bought into his system of development, not training. Set the dog up for success and let them train themselves. My lab became a super star. Unfortunately she died at six and I needed a new dog, preferably a Grand River Labrador. With no litters of labs in sight, I bought the last dog in the world I wanted, an Elhew English Pointer. What an interesting and fun project, as I had to have the pup in the litter that had the terrible temperament of her mother, but the body style that would provide the most entertaining running style and grace in the field. A year later I bought a lab from Gary, much easier to develop and a great dog. I now have my third Ruppel dog, a small lab that may be the best bird dog I will ever see. Developing her was so easy and way too much fun. I just let her rock with the old lab and poured the birds to her at 6-9 months of age. At a year and a half she was doing things that usually takes three to four years for a dog to learn. Gary's no pressure development is the only way to train a dog to be the very best he or she can be.

Trust me on this, as I see the results from the "control" trainers and electroshock therapy that Gary has to patiently correct in order to put the confidence and the "want to" back in these dogs. Gary's method of development may take a little longer, but the results are well worth the extra time, if you want a great bird dog. A Gary Ruppel trained dog will have the confidence, drive and "want to please," to be the best they can be.

Larry Hall

"Two in the Hand"

During the 20 plus years that I have known Gary Ruppel, our relationship quickly transformed from me being a client to a warm and mutually rewarding friendship. He teaches my dogs and me and I make him laugh. I am deeply appreciative of our friendship and of having access to Gary's professional training and services.

Many of us fancy ourselves as having some insight into the psyche of our bird dogs. From my first meeting with Gary, it was evident that his connection to dogs, and their connection to him, is to a much higher degree of sensitivity. His ability to recognize and understand the nuances of canine personality is almost startling. It stems from Gary's insatiable observations of thousands of dogs and he incorporates his insight into sensitized solutions during training sessions.

The man loves dogs and he, especially, loves to see them reach their full potential. His training regimen bears little resemblance of the old school practices of force and coercion. Rather, he instills a cooperative desire in his pupils to accomplish a mutual objective. This has been described as "influence handling." Gary's acute sensitivity and connection allows him to promote success by convincing the dog that it wants to perform a task rather that it must perform the task. His timing is impeccable. Everything stays positive and simple. Dogs love him.

It all seems very easy and simple when one is observing Gary work with a dog. The subtleties of what has just occurred frequently are lost to a normal observer. His training is deeply intuitive after all his years of experience. The "hows" and "whys" are the magic.

I have had Gary train and keep my dogs for me. I have one of Gary's dogs. Game birds have a national holiday to commemorate her passing. I have complete confidence that my dogs are his dogs and will be treated as such while in his care. I have absolute knowledge that all of my dogs have greatly benefitted from Gary's influence. It is often said that one should not make a living doing something that he loves out of fear that the love will be lost. Gary continues to disprove this theory.

Mark Ratterman

All of the art work on this page was done by our friend Eldridge Hardie, he captures the moments so many of us have experienced when following our dogs into a field. Thank You Mr. Hardie!  www.eldridgehardie.com

Gary Ruppel of Kiowa Creek Kennels managed to create such a special bond with our Golden Retriever Shayna that she was always eager to please and perform without any form of coercion. It was a bond of love that was based on a mutual respect. Because of this bond, Gary made the training appear effortless and the results were an amazing hunting dog and a lifelong friendship. Gary operates on the highest level of honesty and integrity and is a straight shooter when it comes to assessing your dog's ability and what he can do for you. If you find yourself lucky enough to have a dog trained by Gary you will consider yourself a very fortunate dog owner indeed!

We mean every word.

Kathy and Bill Sanderson

"Point of Honor"

"On Alert"

Back in 2004 I was a desperate man. I was the new owner of a 4 month old French Pointer, Lou, that I had just made gun shy.

Before ending up with a gun shy dog, my story started the same as many other new gun dog owners. I had read a few books and watched a video on how to choose the right dog and breeder, how to train and hunt with your specific breed choice, etc....After much consideration, I finally settled on a breed that best fit my lifestyle and hunting expectations. Once I decided on the breed I found a very good breeder. So when the breeder called and said Lou was ready, I drove 10 hours to pick up my new puppy. Soon after bringing Lou home, his training started. I was very careful and regimented in following each aspect of training and guidance provided by the books and videos I was using. After the first few months, everything was going well. Lou was turning into a fun, well adjusted puppy. Then  I started to introduce Lou to birds and the gun. This is where I hit a snag! Even though I was aware that this was a critical step in Lou's training, I did not know how critical and how badly things could go if your dog had a negative reaction during this process. To make a long story short, Lou became gun shy. Gun shy to the point where if he scented a bird, he would run in-between my legs. I was devastated.

After weeks of trying to figure out what to do next, I started calling trainers. One of the calls I made was to a hunting lodge to see if they could recommend a good trainer. This is how I met Gary Ruppel. During my initial conversation with  Gary, he requested that I bring Lou out so he could take a look at him. So I packed up Lou and off we went to meet Gary. After a tour of the kennel and training facility, Gary placed a bird in the field for Lou to find, he found the bird and pointed.

At the end of that first meeting, Gary sat down with me to explain his entire training program. One of the significant benefits of the program was the time Gary took to "train me." As part of the program Gary requested that I attend training sessions with  Lou on the weekend. It helped me tremendously. Those visits allowed me to understand the training program and carry it forward once Lou left Gary's. After Gary had explained his program, this is where the light biulb went off for me. I did not have the time, facilities or experience to complete a program like Gary's on my own. Ii should have made the decision to send my dog to a professional trainer in the first place. If I had made that decision early on, it would have saved me time and money. Seven years later Lou is a fine hunting companion and a wonderful pet.

Thanks to Gary.

Craig Mordi

"Double Flush"

For nearly 30 years I have been using the services of Kiowa Creek Kennels and its owner. Mr. Gary Ruppel, of Kiowa, Colorado. Never have I seen an incident of bad management or cruel treatment of any dog in his care. He has always reflected kind and thoughtful treatment and has been the epitome of the individual who puts the welfare of his dogs first and foremost.

We have very similar ideas on the development of birds trained especially for use in falconry, a sport I have been associated  with for over seventy-five years. Mr. Ruppel has been responsible for year of successful hunting and the longevity of my dogs.

Mr. Ruppel treats each dog as an individual and varies his training routines to meet the dog's personality. He makes it fun and a rewarding experience even for the most hard-headed dog in training. Every new dog in his training program is a challenge and there have been many satisfied owners due to his approach and his methodology.

His training routines are not guided by electronic pulses, but by the animal itself attempting to please Mr. Ruppel. Not only does he train all of the pointing breeds, but has a wonderful reputation and record with retriever breeds.

The Kennels of Kiowa Creek Kennels are the most modern and reflect all of the modern-day up-dates you would imagine. Only the very best feeds and care are rendered to his charges. I would not hesitate to recommend this individual and his kennel as the place where your dog will have every opportunity to reflect his breed and genetics in all manners.

Hal Webster

"One By Three"

My relationship with Kiowa Creek Kennels started over eleven years ago with my beloved English Pointer, Copper. Copper was trained by Gary Ruppel and turned out to be the best dog I have ever owned. I was so pleased with the success Gary had training Copper that I have continued to bring my other dog, Bentley, as well as my newest dog, Phoebe. I have the utmost respect and trust in Kiowa Creek Kennels, to the point that I have recommended this kennel to various friends. Jose trusted this kennel for his dog Lucy, Mark used it for his two dogs Bud and Jack, my friend Larry brought his dog Ryder to Kiowa Creek, and lastly, Tom brought his two labs. I believe that any customer of Kiowa Creek Kennels will be satisfied and confident that they made the right choice by using your facilities.

Andy Andrews

"In the Flint Hills"

"Pasture Edge"

Gary Ruppel of Kiowa Creek Kennels has been my go to professional hunting dog trainer for over twenty years. My hunting dogs are not just hunting dogs, they are my friends and I have witnessed Gary's influence training first hand. It is amazing how he can bring out the best a dog has to offer with his knowledge, applied skills and kindness.

If you see your hunting dog as a friend and a member of the family I suggest you get to know Gary Ruppel.

Warran Watson

Please allow this letter to serve as my wholehearted endorsement of Gary Ruppel. I have known Gary for almost ten years now. He has trained three of my dogs, so far. My dogs have all worked beautifully for me in the field. If not for Gary, I'd have never been able to appreciate what a fine companion and hunting partner my dogs could turn out to be. Much of the training was more about training ME, not the dog. In the time I've know him; I have observed him handle, and train, many different breeds.

Gary has a real love, understanding, and knowledge of dogs. He is just as comfortable handling a Pointer, as he is a Labrador retriever. He can train them to hunt for waterfowl in a blind, or as upland hunters that are steady to wing and shot. Gary will honestly assess you, and your dog and what he can legitimately accomplish for you.

As a side note, Gary also boards and breeds dogs. I have spent many hours with Gary in his kennel. He always maintains a clean, safe, and secure environment for his boarders. They are fed on time, and consistently. As far as breeding goes, Gary has some fantastic Labradors. They are smart, athletic, eager to please, and great all around animals, as hunters and as family pets. He also has some great Pointers too. They have Elhew bloodline, are very intelligent, and are extremely athletic with excellent temperaments.

In closing I would like to say that whether you train, board, or purchase a dog from Gary, you will find him to be very honest, and extremely trustworthy. If he tells you he's going to do something, he does it.

I highly recommend Gary as a trainer, boarder, or breeder. He has changed my life, and the way I feel about my dogs, and the sport of hunting. 

Ed Forbush  

Gary Ruppel, my hunting partner, golfing partner, dog trainer and friend.

In 1990, while living in Lakewood Colorado, I called Gary at the recommendation of a mutual friend, Mike Gould. I grew up in a hunting family with labs and have always had a couple of good ones. I was interested in learning more about the pointing breeds and I hit the jackpot by making Gary's acquaintance. Gary invited me to his kennel and after showing me around, we took a walk with a couple of English pointers.

By the end of our time together I was sold on pointers and had made a friend for life. Over the next 8 years Gary and I played golf or ran dogs once a week year round. Since I have moved back to Montana we have met once a year and have had some great hunts.

Gary has always had one of the nicest dog strings in the country. He has been developing his line of English Pointers and Labradors for over 25 years. There are many satisfied customers around the country that were lucky enough to get on the Ruppel Family puppies. Raising a litter of puppies is a family affair at the Ruppel home and Cathy and Eryn provide lots of love and attention for the most important 7 weeks of a puppies' life.

Gary has a special gift of communication with animals. From the beginning of our relationship 21 years ago I have admired his ability to communicate with dogs. it is obvious that the dogs in his string love and respect him. The client dogs in the kennel quickly grant him their respect and know him as the alpha in the kennel. His timing in correction or approval and support is astounding. If you ask Gary about e-collars his response might be, "I have one but I am not sure it works, I haven't used it in a while." A contemporary dog trainer that doesn't use an e-collar as an integral part of their training program is a rare find.

If you are shopping for a puppy, Ruppels have the best. If you are looking for a trainer that gets results and that you will enjoy and your dog will love then give him a call. 

Don Tolson  

"Kansas Sundown"

"Afternoon Explosion"