Photography taken by Gary Gardeli

"Desire, now this is what my training program is all about."

Gary Ruppel

40 Pound Elhew English Pointer Ashley retrieves a 11 pound Goose to hand 

Kiowa Creek Kennels Gun Dog Training - A Natural Approach

Kiowa Creek Kennels offers a different type of approach when it comes to developing your gundogs natural abilities in Mother Nature. My family and I live with the dogs; our home is located on the same premises as the kennel, on a beautiful piece of property just North of Kiowa. I take pride in getting up every morning and working hard to keep a clean and healthy environment in the kennel. 

My bird dog training philosophy is based on developing a well rounded dog in the house and in the bird field. I achieve success in my program through intimate early development, and by putting the "want to" into them and not forcing them into submission. By building a good foundation and putting a little structure into the dogs, I create a happy and well rounded pack that is in harmony and having fun. There's nothing more I love to see than a dog "wanting" to come to me with a big smile on their face, this is exactly why I am still in the business. 

There are many ways to train dogs, the aspect that I feel is different about my hunting dog training program is that I do not adjust your dog to fit into one specific training program. I develop specialized programs for each individual dog. I understand each dog that comes into my kennel is unique and different and what may work for one dog might not work for another. I am extremely committed to getting to know every dog that comes to see me, I pride myself on the bond I make with each dog, it's personal. The time and energy I spend with the dogs on the daily basis, in and out of the kennel, is what helps to develop this long lasting bond, which is the first step in my training process.

Through repetition, consistency and positive influence through good energy and structure, I help develop the dog's natural instincts to hunt. Due to forty plus years of experience with dogs, I have started to think like a dog and truly become a member in their pack. In order to get the results most people are looking for, you and your family need to be dedicated to making the time to come out and work with me and your dog. The way I look at it is I am making a commitment to you, your family and especially your dog when you choose to have them stay at my kennel. I don't ask a lot but when you come out to take a walk with me and train I would like you to have a smile on your face, be relaxed, ready to learn, have a good pair of walking shoes with you and most importantly be ready to have some fun and get to know your dog on a new level. 

Kiowa Creek Kennels gun dog training is one of a kind, I look forward to seeing you in the future and meeting your dog, come on out and let's take a walk.