Photo taken by Jim Ruppel

Lord let me be the man my dog thinks I am!

Mike Gould

Bill Tarrant

 In 1984 I had a cabinet shop in Glenwood Springs Colorado, at about that time I had to have major back surgery. The doctor told me it would be a good idea to find a new occupation that would not jeopordize the future of my back. That's when Mike Gould, a world class gun dog breeder and trainer, started to develop a high dollar shooting and hunting venue in the Roaring Fork valley. Mike asked me if I would consider running the kennel for this operation. I decided after some consideration that I did not have much to lose.

I knew Mike Gould to be a good, honest, honorable, hard working man. He knew more about dog training methods  and  bird dogs than anyone I had met in my thirty years on earth and he was someone I could see myself working for. Mike turned into more than a friend, he was and still is my professional dog training  mentor, Mike and the dogs are the ones who have taught me more about training and life than any books, videos or other training programs that I have studied over the years. Mike brought a fresh approach, a soft hand and voice, which brought me to a better understanding of the canine mind and early development. Mike not only put a great foundation in me to a be a good dog trainer, he taught me about genetics, temperament, trainability, and all the other great qualities we strive for in our breeding programs. Mike introduced me to the Grand River Labradors and Elhew English Pointers. He worked on the Grand River Program for over forty years and Bob Wehle worked on the Elhew English Pointer program for overy sixty years. That being said, I believe these two men made a paramount difference in the dogs we have today, two of the best gun dog breeders in the country! Thanks Mike and Bob.

Another man that influenced me was the late Bill Tarrant, gun dog editor for Field and Stream Magazine. In the late eighties Bill came to interview Mike Gould at Upland Mesa, a bird hunting and fishing venue on the Roaring Fork River, about his hunting dog training philosophy. Bill was on a mission, to take the whip and brutality out of dog training. Part of that mission was to pick a handful of trainers throughout the country to help him change the minds and training methods of the old school, controlled style of training, and to send this message to the general public.

This is why he came to interview Mike Gould. During these interviews I was an observer, listening to Bill and Mike talk about training, stories of bird dogs and hunting adventures which was truly an educating experience, it changed my outlook on life and dog training.

In the last twenty eight years, my dog training program has evolved into a better and longer lasting program without a heavy hand or a loud voice. The dogs have taught me patience, understanding, unconditional love, loyalty and how to think like a dog. Thank you Mike Gould and Bill Tarrant, for starting me down the road to be a better person and dog trainer. Kiowa Creek Kennels gun dog training is like no other we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Albert Ruppel and Gary Ruppel

Gary as a boy with his Dad's Brittany

My love and admiration for hunting dogs started at a very early age. My dad, Al Ruppel, loved almost every kind of outdoor experience, especially when it involved hunting. His first love was archery hunting, because it took him away from the real world into the natural world. His second love was bird hunting with his Brittanys. His appreciation for good dog work and bird hunting rubbed off on me. In the late 1960's I started archery and bird hunting with my dad, and before long I was hooked on both sports. Since then I have enjoyed many archery hunts, but my primary focus has been dedicating my life to hunting dog training.


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